Out of the Storm (OOTS) was started in the fall of 2014 as a sister site to Out of the FOG (OOTF) when it became clear that a significant number of OOTF members who had been exposed to someone with a personality disorder on an ongoing basis developed Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  It was apparent that a separate forum was needed so those affected could learn about the disorder and focus on recovery. The wonderful OOTF Team assisted the Site Manager in starting OOTS and continue to support OOTS with technical and financial assistance.

As it turned out,  it was not just people who had been affected by someone with a personality disorder who came to the site, but many others who joined because as children and/or as adults they suffered ongoing, mainly interpersonal abuse/ neglect/ trauma from which there was no real or perceived avenue for escape (e.g., parental addiction; sexual, physical or emotional abuse/neglect; being a member of a religious group or cult). It is this accumulation of trauma and additional symptoms which distinguishes Complex PTSD from common PTSD (which generally involves a single incident or shorter term trauma (e.g., a natural disaster or accident, being the victim of a rape or crime).  

OOTS is a not-for-profit site created and managed by volunteers who are in recovery from Complex PTSD.  Although members are "experts" in the lived experience of Complex PTSD, the content on this site should be used for informational purposes and should not replace professional therapy (Disclaimer).

At OOTS you will find information web pages about Complex PTSD, including the latest clinical research available.  There is also an English speaking Support Forum where members from around the world share information and resources regarding Complex PTSD, discuss their experiences living with the disorder, and provide support to one another as they move forward in learning and recovery. 

The majority of members on the forum are adults who experienced ongoing trauma, abuse and/or neglect in childhood and developed Complex PTSD as a result, but individuals who developed the disorder for other reasons and/or in their adult years are also most welcome. Members do NOT require an official diagnosis to join.

OOTS is also beginning work on prevention, raising awareness, and advocating for more and better trauma informed services and treatment worldwide.