Out of the Storm (OOTS) is an online forum and information site for adults suffering from diagnosed or undiagnosed Complex PTSD due to ongoing abuse/ neglect at the hands of others (sexual/physical/emotional abuse, neglect). Complex PTSD is different from simple or common PTSD in terms of both causes and symptoms. PTSD generally involves a single incident or shorter term trauma (e.g., being involved in a natural disaster, accident or crime), and involves three symptoms versus the six associated with Complex PTSD.  

OOTS was created by Kizzie a survivor who serves as the Administrator of the site, assisted by volunteer Moderators who are also survivors. At OOTS you will find information pages about Complex PTSD, including the latest clinical research available. There is also an English speaking Support Forum where members from around the world share information and resources regarding Complex PTSD, discuss their experiences living with the disorder, and provide support to one another as they move forward in learning and recovery. The site is free and anonymous and we endeavour to keep it as safe and respectful as possible.

The majority of members on the forum are adults who experienced ongoing abuse/neglect in childhood, but individuals who experienced ongoing relational trauma in their adult years are also welcome. While we use the diagnostic term Complex PTSD, many of us prefer the term “Relational Trauma Response” because it is less stigmatizing and serves to emphasize what happened to us rather than the symptoms we developed. We do not see ourselves as disordered, rather we see ourselves as having reacted normally to an highly abnormal situation and are traumatized. The diagnosis “Complex PTSD” is used for referrals to treatment/services, however, hence our use of it on the site.

In addition to support and information about relational trauma and Complex PTSD, OOTS is also involved in raising awareness and advocating for more and better trauma informed services and treatment worldwide.