INTERNATIONAL (English speaking)


  • Blue Knot Foundation - provides specialist phone counseling, support, education, resources, training, supervision, to help Australian adults traumatized as children recover.

  • Complex PTSD Melbourne Support - An online group for those in the Melbourne area. For information and to request to join click here


  • The Survivors Hub, Bedford is a peer-to-peer support group in Bedford for adults affected by Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder originating in childhood, whether that is emotional/physical/sexual/spiritual and/or the result of neglect/abandonment. We understand that buried memories can return later in life with devastating consequences. We aim to provide a safe place to chat and feel emotionally supported, and share knowledge on coping strategies and skills. We find strength in solidarity and social connection, hope in the midst of despair, frustration and hopelessness. You do not need a formal diagnosis to join. Sessions are free and are facilitated by a member of Out of the Storm. Weekly meetings will be held in Bedford at a location and weekly date/time to be announced in the near future. Click to download a Complex PTSD brochure.  

  • Stand Alone is an organization with support groups, workshops, resources and a program for people who are estranged from their families. Whilst not specifically for those with Complex PTSD, this group may be helpful in mitigating some of the loneliness and isolation many trauma survivors are often no longer in touch with family.