Financial Support

OOTS raises funds through books and merchandise purchased through this site from Amazon to cover the following annual costs:

  • Web site                         $234.00
  • Domain Names                  60.00
  • Server                               480.00

                               Total:    $774.00/yr

If you are a philanthropic organization or individual and would like to provide one-time only or ongoing financial support to OOTS, please contact Kizzie at  We have both immediate/practical financial needs such as covering the costs of running the site, and wish list wants such as enhancing and expanding in terms of our psychoeducational resources for members, as well as advocacy and prevention efforts.

Support through Contributions of Skills/Knowledge/Resources

We are looking for skills, knowledge and/or resources that can help us to:

  • learn about this debilitating and isolating traumatic stress injury;
  • advocate for better and more trauma informed treatment and services; and,
  • raise awareness and help prevent the conditions which lead to the development of Complex PTSD.

If you are a professional or represent an organization and would be interested in working/partnering with OOTS and contributing skills knowledge/resources, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact

Some examples of what we are looking for assistance from and for includes (but is not limited to):

  • Trauma clinicians/educators/organizations - E.g., assist us in the development/implementation of psychoeducational learning opportunities/resources; connect with us and allow us to assist you in better understanding Complex PTSD through our shared, lived experience of the disorder
  • Social media/IT specialists/firm - E.g., assist with refining/maintaining.raising the profile of the OOTS web site, forum and associated social media elements such as Twitter;
  • Lawyers  - E.g.,  consult with us about legal rights in the workplace regarding harassment and abuse, requirement to make accommodations, etc;
  • Public Health Policy Educators/Specialists/Organizations - E.g.,consult with us regarding how to make changes to public health policies in general and in specific English speaking countries;
  • Service Animal Trainers/Associations - E.g., develop information section about  service animals and the process involved in qualifying for these animals;
  • Journalists - E.g., articles/stories  to raise awareness about Complex PTSD; and
  • Other - anyone who has skills/knowledge/services/contacts that will help us with recovery, education, advocacy and prevention.

Note: With the exception of certain books, please note that OOTS does not promote or endorse any 'for profit' services or products.

Support from OOTS for Research

To date OOTS members have participated in the following research:

If you wish to recruit participants for research relating to Complex PTSD (versus PTSD), please contact Kizzie at You will need to provide copies of:

  • your institution's approval letter;
  • supervisor contact information (if applicable);
  • participant recruitment information which includes a short summary of the proposed research; and,
  • the Informed Consent form for the study